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2021 MFP Year Highlights


Recently, the ninety (90)
2021–2022 Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) Fellows awarded this prestigious fellowship completed their program year during the 2022 MFP Training and Bridging the Gap Symposium. A number of master’s-level fellows graduated in spring 2022, have taken the National Counselor Examination (NCE), and are on their way to licensure in their respective states. Many continue in school getting ready for fall practicums as well as serving in new advocacy opportunities at their universities or through local and state-wide organizations.

In addition to many individual accomplishments, a number of 2021 fellows celebrated personal events with engagements, marriages, births of new children, opening private practices, successfully defending dissertations, earning counselor educator faculty jobs, and many more!

Several 2021 fellows shared awards and achievements reached during their fellowship year, which are highlighted below.

Congratulations to these fellows and all our 2021 cohorts for their hard work and dedication toward bridging the gap in mental health resources and services throughout their communities and institutions. The NBCC Foundation looks forward to seeing the many arenas these students, counselors, and counselor educators impact in the months and years ahead.

2021 MFP Addictions Counseling Master’s Fellows

2021 MFP Mental Health Counseling Master’s Fellows 

2021 MFP Mental Health Counseling Doctoral Fellows

The 2022 MFP Fellows are underway with their program projects, and applications for the 2023 MFP Awards will open in September 2022. Visit our website at for more information about applications and eligibility. 

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